Image credit: Kim Watson

Born in Nottingham, my name is Hannaa Hamdache and I am notably known online as ‘TheHamThatRuns’. (A ridiculously punny pseudonym.)

I’m a creative and have many fingers in many pies. If I’m not moonlighting as an artist, I’m doing my day job of being a curator or creative producer.

I’m interested in questioning contexts and the rules and behaviours that follow certain situations. My practice plays with the expected and aims to engage people from all ages and backgrounds.

This is an online space for you to check out previous projects, to find me on social media or to see archived posts on my blog.

When I’m not in an art bubble, I’m either planning my next trip, reading a good book or baking a cake.

Work With Me

If you’d like to start a conversation about any of the above, please do get in contact!