BBC Audiences: Hannah Gadsby


BBC Audiences: Hannah Gadsby

Just a quick little post on this gem of a find. I did know that you could apply to be in audiences of recordings, but for some reason this actually never really clicked in my brain as being an actual possibility.

Until my brilliant mother set me on the trails of Hannah Gadsby. She’s a comedienne from Australia (who is rather amusing.) Yet how does she relate to the world of art Hannaa? Well, funny you should ask. At her time at university (the other) Hannah (as we shall refer to her) studied Art History. And she has developed two special shows where she combines her art historian knowledge with her funny bone. Hence the title of the two shows: Hannah Gadsby Speaks from her Art.

(A little F.Y.I for you: the show is going to be broadcast on 7th January 2015 on BBC Radio 4 – unfortunately they didn’t give us the time, but if you keep an eye out you should be able to spot it.)

The Broadcasting House is in London (nearest tube Oxford Circus) and it’s where they film the 6 o’clock news! As you’re waiting to be taken to the room for the recording, you’re in a room that over looks all the blurred desks that you see in the background which is pretty cool. (If you look at a certain angle through one of the windows at the back, you can even see the news reporter reporting live! And more importantly, there’s a life-size Tardis in this room.)

Went on a little tangent there, but long story short, you can apply for tickets online (just google BBC Audiences or something similar), Hannah Gadsby is rather amusing, and you should check out the broadcast of her show as it talks about two famous pieces of art over the radio. (One being above.) Easy listening. And funny. Perfect.

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