Berlin Hamburgers


Berlin Hamburgers

Very late post about this. Should have really arrived on your virtual doorstep a couple of months ago.  So please enjoy this late offering about Berlin Hamburgers.

Or as it’s more commonly known, the Hamburger Bahnhof, a modern art museum in Berlin. This particular post is about the ‘A-Z The Marzona Collection’ exhibition. As the name would suggest, it’s an exhibition that charts this collection from A to Z over the course of 2 years. During April, MNO was on display. The presentation is changed every quarter year in keeping with the sequence of the alphabet. Which makes this exhibition a little more interesting than normal, as you can re-visit the same exhibition within the space of a couple of months and be guaranteed to seeing something different.

This exhibition is a celebration of the conceptual art of the 1960s and 70s and illustrates the contemporary relevance of the works from this era. Now, although the display of the exhibition itself was something that wasn’t particularly exciting or new, there was one thing about this exhibition that was particularly interesting.

This room here! What I’m just going to call the archive room. All the past letters and exhibitions are archived for you as the viewer to go and explore. You can sit at the table and search through the folders. There’s even a photocopier to copy what you find interesting to keep. It’s a really nice way of involving any letters (like ABC for example) you may have missed. Also allows you to still be part of the discussion conceptually if you weren’t there physically at the time. Which I feel is the best way for the exhibition to exist past, present and future. (Because they have purposefully left empty shelves for the coming display. I feel this adds to the anticipation of the ever-changing show.)

I would definitely recommend you going to see this if you are in Berlin or just visiting like me. The only slight down side about this exhibition is that you do have to pay to get in and see it. Normally, I don’t have an issue with this, but I feel like it is a little bit cheeky to demand that you have to re-buy a ticket every time that you go and see the new set of letters that are currently on display. I feel like they should have a special ticket or allow a discount of the production of your past ticket. Something to add the incentive to go and see this exhibition more than once, because I think that’s the aim of this interesting new display.

And in any case the Hamburger Bahnhof is worth a ticket on its own (the ticket price does include the rest of the collection on offer.) So go on, treat yourself to some Berlin Hamburgers.

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