East End Secrets


East End Secrets

This is just a quick little post to let you know about two little East End secrets that I discovered whilst on the hunt for galleries. I feel like, with independent galleries you need to know what you are looking for – otherwise you’d easily walk by.

First up. The Approach.

It is a little gallery that basically consists of just a room. But the cool thing about this space is that it sits above a pub. So when you walk to the place you think you should be – and you do see a street-like sign that says ‘The Approach’ you know you are in the right place. You’re just a little unsure of how to proceed.

Basically. Go inside the pub! Don’t walk around it like I did.

Once inside, make sure you go to left of the bar and just around the corner is a door (on the same side of where the bar finishes) and up the stairs you go!

(Luckily a man on a stool told me where to go – but I have a feeling that that isn’t his permanent spot or job.)

Current exhibition: ‘Who Buries Who’ an installation by Amanda Ross-Ho (as seen above.)
On until 23rd November 2014.

Second up. Maureen Paley.

This felt very much like a private members club. And I understand that the ambiguous facade is probably so that people don’t know what the building is, so won’t try to steal stuff. So you only get people who have specifically come to see the artwork buzz to be let in.

(And although I understand this, I don’t like it. But I suppose this is due to its location. By the way, both are just a short 10 minute walk from Bethnal Green tube station (the Central Line).)

In terms of finding this one, when you have to turn right and go past student accommodation, and it looks like a dead end, all I can say is this: you are on the right path my friend. When you turn into the first left, it is almost the building straight opposite you. Just look for the small words ‘Maureen Paley’ and the buzzer. And be brave and buzz! Once inside, you know you’re in the right place. Someone opens the door for you. It’s all very nice.

Current exhibition: Gillian Wearing, showing her new video work: ‘We Are Here’ as well photographs. (As seen above.)
On until 16th November 2014.

So there you go! Delicious East End secrets! Happy hunting!

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