Lace Market Theatre and the Bard


Lace Market Theatre and the Bard

To coincide with all things Shakespeare (and today being his registered day of birth) read below for a Nottingham secret and piece of TV that must be seen.

On Saturday, I had the good fortune of booking tickets to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the 400th anniversary of his death day. (Unknown to me.) Now this isn’t a review about that production. (It was great by the way.) But more about the place it was in.

The Lace Market Theatre is a hidden gem in Nottingham. Literally just up the around from a main street, take a right and you’re there. It is loving run by volunteers who put on a vast range of plays. (And if the one I saw is anything to go by then they are very enjoyable indeed.) Just alerting you all to its existence. Should you want some cheap, good quality theatre. Support your local!

In other theatre *cough*Shakespeare*cough* related news – the BBC. The BBC did good. To celebrate this strange anniversary, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon put together a cracking line up for Shakespeare LIVE! It’s the best type of this TV that I’ve seen in a while. The programme did a great job of encompassing the mass influence the Bard has had across art forms and generations. A slurry of famous names took part, as well as multidisciplinary performers from across genres. From opera, ballet and musical theatre to hip hop, jazz and more traditional renditions of Shakespeare. It had it all. And it was great. It will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK. Definitely worth a sit down and catch up.

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