We are going to round off this year of posts with a recommendation of an institution that you should visit if you are ever in the area. It’s the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, known as: M HKA.

It’s a really fantastic place to go and see some very well put together exhibitions. Currently on display are:

  • Robert Filliou – The Secret of Permanent Creation (on until 22/01/17)
  • IN SITU: Michèle Matyn – Breathing Holes (on until 05/02/17)
  • From Broodthaers to Braeckman – Photography in the Visual Arts in Belgium (on until 05/02/17)

Each of these exhibitions are really worth a visit. Despite going there to see the works of Filliou, I have to say that the exhibition that I enjoyed the most was that of Michèle Matyn. The exhibition was so well put together and felt very cohesive for a body of work. The flow of the room and the art pieces worked really well.

You do have to pay to get into the M HKA but if you are under 26 (I think) it is much cheaper. Regardless I think it is worth the price. I found it rather unsuspecting for Antwerp to have a place like this but it really is well placed. Antwerp on a whole is worth a visit in any case. This place is one that I highly recommend.

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