Magazine Choices of the Month!


Magazine Choices of the Month!

A new exciting feature that will probably never show its face again! Just thought I’d mention two magazines that I happened to pick up this month. (Both out now, this June.)

Which magazine? Art Monthly.
What was the price? £5 UK (and 7 Euros and $8 in all those other places.)
Why did you buy it? Because funnily enough, after my Glasgow visit and finding out all about the amazing Pilvi Takala, there happened to be an interview with her in this magazine. This was the major attraction. Then on the back they very helpfully list all that’s inside. Other articles about the unreliable narrator, a Midlands round-up and ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ By Henry Lydiate sealed the deal.
How was it actually? I’m only half way through reading this magazine but so far I have very much enjoyed it. Definitely enjoyed the interview with my new art crush Takala, was nice to hear more about her practice from her own voice. Also enjoyed the article about the unreliable narrator and how the article concluded. So I am looking forward to continuing this on my train journeys.

Which magazine? Oh Comely.
What was the price? £5 UK
Why did you buy it? I used to be subscribed to this magazine, but I stopped because of university and I was finding that I wasn’t having enough time (or making enough time) to sit down and properly enjoy the magazine – this isn’t a quick flick through. It deserves a proper sit down, cup of tea and slice of cake type of treatment. I picked up this particular issue because of its theme (Oh Comely always have a great theme that ties through the magazine) and this month is was adventure. And I need a little adventure in my life, and this seems to be the perfect fix for that.
How was it actually? Again, horribly behind on reading it, but I can testify on previous issues that this one will be just as great. The layout is beautiful and the content even better. Definitely a magazine worth checking out if you want something a little different. This is up next for my eyes to devour once making it through my Art Monthly.

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