Materials used: shoe pieces, steel sewing pins, digital scans and monoprints.




This project concerns itself with the different methods of display of items that were once useful but have been made redundant despite their loyal service: old shoes.

In various incarnations, scans, monoprints and an installation have been made. The scans feature the inside material that was in contact with the foot. Once ironed flat, the digital scans are made to see the breadth of detail left from its time with its owner.

Through the monoprinting process, marks and textures from its time being worn have been highlighted in a different way. The medium allows the focus to be solely on the form, as the audience is removed from the physicality of the shoe itself.

As an installation, the shoe pieces were directly hammered into the wall with sewing pins. This nodded towards a traditional mode of museological display that raises these objects above their perceived status.

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