Review: Speed the Plow (PLAY)


Review: Speed the Plow (PLAY)

Last Friday night (which we all know are famous last words) I went to go and see Speed the Plow which is currently showing in London on the West End. And I won’t lie. I primarily went for one reason, and one reason only: Lohan. I wanted to see Miss Lindsay Lohan in the flesh as well as see her acting, and I am partial to a play or two so I thought, why not?

As everyone entered their seats, it didn’t quite have the same atmosphere as seeing other plays. There seemed to be a buzz in the air and let’s face it, everyone was probably there for the same reason I was.

I have quite an opinion on this performance as well as the play itself, as well as Lohan.

Firstly, I don’t think she was as bad as everyone has been saying. I think she did well for the material she was given.

The script in my opinion is not good.

It comes across as messy, repetitive and boring. It tries to promote some sort of morals, it really tries, but it definitely does not succeed. The script seems to paint women as creatures who only seem to use their promiscuity to get what they want for no apparent reason.

You weren’t sure whether or not the script was messy or their delivery was messy. (I’m leaning more towards that’s how it was written.) The first 40 minutes of the play seemed unnecessary. They unnecessarily repeated unnecessary words unnecessarily. Other elements to the script didn’t work either. The humour written into the script didn’t come across, the banter came across as crude and humourless. Some of the lines came across as funny but mainly because we know of Lohan’s past.

She did well with the material she was given. And despite having apparently forgotten her lines in previous performances, it was one of her male leads that forgot his words this time.

This play relies heavily on its leads and for me they didn’t have enough sparkle needed. To be fair, they did the best they could with the material they’ve been given. One of the male leads did a really good job of making me hate him. So he was doing his job well as his character was insufferable. He had a terrible potty mouth. Which just annoyed me because there should be a reason why. And I just don’t feel like they were trying to make any sort of point with it.

And fair play to Lindsay Lohan. The play started on time. She delivered her lines with some conviction. I just hope this is a continuing incline of improvement for someone who was a brilliant actress of my childhood.

Overall, it’s not something I would recommend seeing. Not unless you just wanted to see Lohan in the flesh, and even then just go for the cheap seats.

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