Review: The Audience (PLAY)


Review: The Audience (PLAY)

After a brief absence we are back in business with an onslaught of posts! The first being a play that I saw on Monday. The Audience starring Kristin Scott Thomas in its second rival on the West End.

We paid the princely sum of £25 for a seat in the Grand Circle (a.k.a the Balcony as there is no higher level) and the view was really good! I was worried that we might find it difficult to seeing properly but for the price we paid I was very impressed! Unfortunately, most of the closer seats soon shot up in price to £50 and higher. (If you’re interested, we were in Row E, with the seats closest to the aisle.)

Now I need to move away from my chat on seating otherwise I’ll never stop. The play itself was very interesting. I have never thought about the relationship between the monarchy and elected politicians before. Although I am not a fan of the monarchy, the Queen has been the stable pillar for the past 63 years in between a revolving door of politicians. 12 to be exact. From Churchill to Cameron. And from the looks of it, she simply listens and nods to what they say. It was interesting to see these imagined audiences between the Queen and her Prime Minister. And much more amusing than I thought it would be. The tone of the play really was impressive as it balanced poignant moments with a handful of laugh-out-loud ones. It gives you insight to what it must be like to have a certain path forced upon you (in this case, to become the reigning sovereign.) Additionally, in a way, the play also acts as a history lesson.

And that’s how it ends. The Queen, standing in front of what she calls ‘her dirty dozen’. It is quite spooky to see these famous figures, leaders of the United Kingdom standing in one group together, solemnly looking out onto us, the real audience, as the curtain falls.

Definitely worth a ticket if you can grab one. On until 25th June 2015.

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