Review: The Glass Menagerie (PLAY)


Review: The Glass Menagerie (PLAY)

This is a very quick note to mention a very good play. The Glass Menagerie is currently playing at the Nottingham Playhouse in (you’ve guessed it) Nottingham.

Ticket prices range from £10.50 to £28 – I managed to grab a ticket for £11.50 so it all depends on dates etc.

This play is the first by Tennessee Williams, highly autobiographical, and the start of his flurry of success. This four character play (some could argue five) runs for approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes (interval included.) The action (although quite quiet and domestic) allows you to be swept along in your seat, loosing the concept of time.

In affect, this suits one of the strongest themes of the play: reality. We are brought in to a dream-like world; a world of the narrator’s memory. This family life seems very sheltered, until broken by the arrival of someone from the outside. This all sounds very vague, but you’ll get it if you see it, and get it if you’ve read it. The staging is great, it’s quietly dramatic. The acting is fantastic. And it is something I would heartily recommend that you go and see!

On until Saturday 26th March 2016.

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