The Glasgow International Chronicles: Part II


The Glasgow International Chronicles: Part II

Glasgow International continued!…

This one shall just be a quickie. I had the opportunity to see a tech rehearsal of The Citizens Theatre’s production of This Restless House: Part 1.

As the website says:


Part 1 of Zinnie Harris’ adaptation of the Greek tragedy The Oresteia

A father’s horrifying sacrifice of his daughter sets in motion a cycle of bloody revenge and counter-revenge. As his family rots from the inside as a result of his brutal act, the loyalties of his surviving children are pushed to the extreme.The curse that has gripped the family for generations looks as if it will never end.

This Restless House, based on the epic Greek trilogy The Oresteia, is an exhilarating theatrical event and contemporary take on an ancient drama that has survived two and a half thousand years.

To what I saw: A tech rehearsal involves a lot of stopping and starting which unfortunately means that I didn’t get to see much of the actual play. But what I did get to experience was the stage design and the theatre building itself. Being built in 1878 it is typical of the Victorian era it was built in. The inside of the theatre hall is beautiful, with an intimate feel (yet plenty of seating), and smells faintly like an old church (we’ll blame the age. If you were over 130 years old I imagine you’d start to smell a little funny too.)

The premise of the play sounds promising, and the stage setup looked intriguing. And those 10 uninterrupted minutes I got chance to see I really enjoyed and raised my curiosity. I also enjoyed what I heard of the musical score which has been especially composed for this adaptation of this famous Greek Tragedy. (And the musicians are on stage, which is unusual for a production. Normally they are squirrelled away and you really have to crane your neck to catch a glimpse.)

This is part one in a trilogy and I know that special ticket prices for all three are available. So if you’re in Glasgow and enjoy a bit of drama, why not give it a go?

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