The Glasgow International Chronicles: Part IV


The Glasgow International Chronicles: Part IV

So little bit late in terms of the Glasgow International. But this exhibition is on until 19th June (so I feel like I can be pardoned for my lateness.)

Akram Zaatari, a Lebanese artist, presents selected works at this new exhibition for The Common Guild in Glasgow. My favourite piece in the exhibition was ‘Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright’, 2010 – a 12 minute video. (See the image above.)

This whole exhibition deals with love, cultural identity and the development of technology. This is only a quick post to say this is an intriguing exhibition to see. It is rare that non-western work is presented within the contemporary art scene with such weight, and these works slip in there effortlessly with their valid contribution. What I liked the most about the exhibition is that his Arab roots are very much in the work, but they do not drown it. It’s a very subtle presence that adds to what is trying to be said, rather than consuming the whole concept.

If in Glasgow – go and see. (It’s free!) Also he is the founder of the Arab Image Foundation, which is an artist-driven organisation with a collection of over 600,000 images (started in 1997) to preserve photographs from the region – something that is worth a peek.

That concludes ‘The Glasgow International Chronicles’. I hope you enjoyed the whirlwind tour of what I had to say on this marvellous contemporary art festival! Definitely something that is worth keeping on your art radar.

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