Tower of London: Poppies


Tower of London: Poppies

This is just a little note about the current installation at the Tower of London. It’s something I have been curious to see since it started in August, and almost being 11th November (the last day of this installation) I thought it was time I paid it a visit.

(Just a little F.Y.I incase you didn’t know, this has been made to commemorate the First World War centennial, created by the ceramic artist Paul Cummins.)

It really is quite breath taking as you slowly approach the Tower. From afar there is just a sea of red, and as you slowly get closer each individual flower reveals itself.

It’s quite a weird one actually. It creates a strange feeling for me. On a purely aesthetic level, sculpturally it is beautiful. They’ve done a brilliant job of integrating this historical site with these poppies that spill from the windows onto the grounds creating this rippling red sea.

But then you start to think about what each poppy represents, and why it is there. (It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable to be honest.) But nevertheless I think it is a very fitting memorial to remember a piece of history we should never forget.

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