We’re Seeing Stars


We’re Seeing Stars

There’s stars in their eyes!

Or my eyes as it were.

One of the best places to learn about the stars is Greenwich. If you are in London, you must pay a visit to the Royal Observatory. The website can be a little confusing, in terms of what is free and what you have to pay for. (Unfortunately one of the thing that you have to pay for is the Meridian Courtyard where you can stand on the Greenwich Meridian Line (the centre of world time.) Which I think is awful. But anyway, I won’t get into that.)

But a little gem that is completely free is the Astronomy Centre. There you can busy yourself with educational interactive games, as well as touching the oldest thing you’ll ever touch: a 4.5 billion year old meteorite. Which is really cool!

But the main reason that we are here, is for the cracker that is the Planetarium.

I think everyone should go.

For a concession ticket (in my case a student) the price was £5.50. And I thought it was worth every penny.

The ticket price includes a 30 minute show in the Planetarium and dependent on the show you pick (I went for the one called ‘The Sky Tonight’) could include a live commentary by an astronomer. It is a fantastic way to get lost in the stars for part of your day. I really would recommend it.

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