Hannaa Hamdache

Al-Jaza'ir Series

Year: 2021 – 2024
Role: Artist

The Al-Jazāʾir Series (2021-24) uses family histories and captured moments in time from personal photographs to create new multi-layered realities that span decades.

Each layer holds significance and connection to memory* and place, sharing secrets and stories only known to those who are familiar with the full unedited picture.

The artist blends together images taken by herself and close family to share memories of one of her home countries: Algeria.

The series is continually growing as a body of work. 

The Al-Jazāʾir Series was exhibited at NAE Open 2022, and won the Public Choice Prize.

*Dressed beyond my years to be immortalised in glittering gold; captured by dad, patterns of the past drive familiar paths; from mama’s eyes to mine through time, dad left a note because no-one was home.

Image credits: Tom Morley and Reece Straw. Images courtesy of New Art Exchange.