Hannaa Hamdache

Hannaa Hamdache is an Artist and Curator based in Leeds, UK.

Born in 1993, of mixed English and Algerian heritage, Hannaa Hamdache holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Art History from Kingston University London and an MLitt in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) from the Glasgow School of Art.

She has been active within the art world under various guises, both as an artist and curator on multiple projects. She works to make the arts open for all through the use of humour and education. Her practice explores the idea of play: playing with context, the exhibition and the everyday.

Currently, she is investigating her own personal context and her heritage through family archival photographs, film and food. She has exhibited at New Art Exchange, Nottingham; Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool; and Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds.

She is a member of the Creative Thinktank at UK New Artists.

Selected curatorial credits include: ‘City Centre Contemporary Art Trail’, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow (2019/20); ‘The Voice of the Museum’, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (2018); ‘Maker-Centric 2016: Utopia’, Soho House Museum, Birmingham and Somerset House, London (2016); ‘Vegetable Orchestra Workshop’, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2015).

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