Hannaa Hamdache

Flat Pack Exhibitions Ltd

Year: 2018/20
Role: Curator

Curated by The Fridge Curator, Flat Pack Exhibitions Ltd offers a readymade, flat pack exhibition for you to display at the white cube gallery we all have readily available: the refrigerator. Receiving this flat pack through the post, owners are encouraged to curate their own exhibition and photograph the result. There have been two editions of Flat Pack Exhibitions Ltd – the first iteration in 2018 and a second in 2020.

The first included five risograph prints designed by five selected artists chosen via an open call: Hélène Cayet, Tom Deacon, João Lourenço, Supapong Laodheerasiri and Anna Tüdos.

The second edition brought together five female artists across the UK to reflect upon our shifting relationship to the world, which had undergone a much-needed re-evaluation in 2020. Starting points of nature, the body, food, consumerism and travel resulted in five different prints by Hannaa Hamdache, Rebecca Thomson, Kim Watson, Natifah White and Karlie Wu. These prints were each created using different printing techniques, in aid of the charity Women for Refugee Women.

Flat Pack Exhibitions Ltd have been sent all around the world from Thailand to Germany, with owners sharing photographs of their hosted exhibitions.

Fridge image locations: Almada (Portugal), London (UK), Knutsford (UK), Worksop (UK), Munich (Germany), Glasgow (UK), Berlin (Germany), Oran (Algeria), Stockholm (Sweden).

Fridge Curator logo credit: Chloe Morris