Hannaa Hamdache

Maker-Centric: Utopia

Year: 2016
Role: Producer

Maker-Centric: Utopia is one of a series of participatory arts research projects across the UK that are funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) Connected Communities programme.

The 2016 Research Festival took the theme of community futures and utopias to mark the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s influential text. The results of this project were showcased over a weekend at Somerset House, London.

The central aim of the project was to enable community groups to become more involved in, and connected with, their futures through creative means by utilising local heritage and digital resources.

During this phase of the project, a group of people aged 50+ worked with artist Melanie Tomlinson at Soho House Museum throughout May and June 2016 to create a praxiniscope on the theme of Utopia.

Maker-Centric: Utopia is a project created in partnership between Craftspace, the University of Wolverhampton and Soho House Museum. To find out more about the project, click here.