Hannaa Hamdache

The World Reimagined

Year: 2022
Role: Artist/ Producer

The World Reimagined is a national art education project aiming to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans and its impact on society today. Across 7 cities in the UK, trails of public sculptures share our history through 9 different themes – each represented by a commissioned globe.

It was a pleasure to be the lead artist for The Mighty Creatives’ globe, to facilitate discussions to co-create a design that shared the brilliant ideas of the small group of young Global Majority artists that worked on this piece.

Entitled Ecology of Existence, our globe addresses the theme of Still We Rise and was located in Leicester at Highcross in St Peter’s Square. 

Our globe takes the power, resistance and beauty of Black people and celebrates them in a unified design. Painted onto a black background, 54 national flowers of each African country are positioned across the equator of the globe, alongside a green, chain-inspired, vine motif. 

This design symbolises the ecosystem of the Black community and the important role that each member plays. It celebrated the joy and flourishing of Black people – not just their survival. Through natural images, the resistance and resilience of the Black community is centred. The green, chain-inspired vine motif is a representation of the legacy of generations before, commemorating the power of Black ancestry and celebrating their determination and persistence. It represents the continuation of progress, and nods to what enslaved Africans broke away from in the fight for their freedom. 

Flowers have been placed around the equator of the glove, to mirror the linking of arms in protest, symbolising the unity and strength in the communal power of Black people and their allies. It highlights the contribution of Black people to society across the world and commemorates the African diaspora.

Studio image credits: Gavin Joynt. Images courtesy of The Mighty Creatives.