Hannaa Hamdache

The Blue Plaque Project

Year: 2022
Role: Artist/ Curator

Historically, a blue plaque is a sign that is installed in a public place to commemorate a link between a location and a famous person, an event, or a former building. For Light Night 2022, Lumina Collective produced an alternative blue plaque that took the form of an LED scrolling display board.

This featured the names of people that have made valuable contributions to their local communities, shining a light on the people of Nottingham who are often overlooked. Names were submitted by the wider community via a public open call. An audio guide accompanied the work, comprising of recordings by the people that sent in nominations, sharing the stories and contributions made by the names celebrated on the plaque. 

Lumina Collective is based at Backlit Gallery, Nottingham and is a create group exploring art and feminism.

Image credits: Tom Platinum Morley. Images courtesy of Backlit Gallery.

The Blue Plaque Project was funded by Nottingham City Council for Light Night 2022. A special thanks to Backlit Gallery for their support with this project.