Hannaa Hamdache

City Centre Contemporary Art Trail

Year: 2019/20
Role: Curator

Commissioned by The City Centre Regeneration Team in Glasgow City Council, this trail guides the public through Glasgow to explore some of the public contemporary art pieces available in the city centre.

Working with the local art community and a small selected team, this route of 14 works was curated with accessibility and a diverse range of users in mind.

Part of this contract included the relocation of Empire (1998) by Turner Prize winning artist, Douglas Gordon, to a suitable location that was publicly accessible and contextually fit the idea behind the work.

The City Centre Contemporary Art Trail is available online, as well as in print across various venues in Glasgow. To access the audio guide, click here. To download the digital PDF, click here.

City Centre Contemporary Art Trail Team: Hannaa Hamdache (Project Lead), Eimear Coyle (Photographer and Project Support), Lucy Watkins (Design Consultant) and Jenny Brownrigg (Project Advisor).

With thanks to the Contemporary Art Group, the Glasgow arts community and the artists.

Supported by Glasgow City Council. The City Centre Contemporary Art Audio Guide is also supported by Glasgow School of Art Exhibitions.