Hannaa Hamdache

Mixed Menu

Year: 2023
Role: Artist

Welcome to the Mixed Menu.

As part of a special edition of Eating the Archives by A.MAL, I was invited to cook my Mixed Menu for a group of artists on residency from the UK, Morocco and Egypt, and for some local creatives. 

Bringing together both cultures through food, and placing both sides onto one plate, this day residency provided the testing ground for exploring the relationship between food and our identity, to create tastes from a blend of cultures, and to chew the outcome. Guests were asked to open their mouths in every sense – to taste, to talk, and to share. 

Mixed Menu:

  • Olive and coriander scones with ras-el-hanout spiced clotted cream
  • Karantita and harissa
  • Felfla 
  • Roast potatoes
  • Spiced carrot salad
  • Baguette
  • Stewed prune and apricot crumble with custard 
  • Mint Tea

Location: Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre (BOARC), Birkenhead, The Wirral.

With thanks to A.MAL for the invitation to test out some ideas.

Image credits: Elodie Sacher/A.MAL – Ard | أرض Residency

Event: Eating the Archives, A.MAL/curated by Jessica El Mal